Programa de Alianzas para la Educación OEA-UTECH

UTech, Ja, the premier national university, built on the pillars of scholarship, research and service where each student is provided with the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and reach his/her full potential. The UTech, Ja. is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence as it prepares individuals on a lifelong path to achieve "Excellence through Knowledge". UTech, Ja is well known for its strength in training graduates in the areas of science, engineering, computing, pharmacy, health sciences, law, sport, nursing, dentistry, business and management, hospitality and tourism, architecture, construction management and teacher education led by a cadre of dedicated faculty and staff. Its academic programs ensure that its graduates are provided with the practical skills and “real world” opportunities necessary to advance as leaders and innovators in their professions and who can make a valuable contribution to their communities, the job market and social and economic development anywhere in the world.
Fecha límite: 
Viernes, Junio 1, 2018
Requisítos Oferente: 
Programa de Alianzas para la Educación PAEC
Organismo / Institución Oferente: 
Jamaica University of Technology
Campo de Estudio: 
Ingenierías y Tecnología (Ciencias Duras)