30 Dec 2015

The Argentine Cooperation contributes with the productive diversification of Ecuador helping to incorporate new industries which reduce the importations’ dependence. 

Three experts from the...

28 Dec 2015

The prestigious historian, Federico Lorenz, chose the publication of the Argentine Cooperation, “History of Paraguay War”, as the best history book of 2015, upon the request of the Supplement Ñ of...

23 Dec 2015

2016 in Numbers:

198 Projects

52 Countries

836 Experts’ Trips

465 Argentine Experts

371 Foreign Officials

30 Nov 2015

La integración regional es uno de los procesos más destacados por la gestión de la Cooperación Argentina.  En este punto, el relanzamiento de las relaciones de cooperación con Chile son un claro...

26 Nov 2015

The Argentine Cooperation keeps on strengthening its labor in Southeastern Asia, applying the successful policies Argentina has been carrying out in the last years. The Philippines has been...

25 Nov 2015

With the support of the Bolivian Customs, the project carried out by the Argentine Cooperation and the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) with an important experience in customs...

24 Nov 2015

The Argentine Cooperation made an analysis and revised the Cooperation Program between our country and Honduras during a new Meeting of Mid Term.

The virtual meeting took place in both...

19 Nov 2015

The General Directorate of International Cooperation (DGCIN) presents “Argentina Cooperates - National Public Administration capacities to know and share”. This is a publication that combines the...

16 Oct 2015

The Argentine Cooperation works with Bolivia to train their officials on public policies related to subjects such as Gender, Forced Employment and Child Employment, through the experience of the...