Ecuador: Productive Diversification for Development

30 Dec 2015

The Argentine Cooperation contributes with the productive diversification of Ecuador helping to incorporate new industries which reduce the importations’ dependence. 

Three experts from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of La Plata carried out the seventh stage of the project about “Development and Spreading of Cattle Good Practices”, in the city of Quito, Ecuador.

During their visit, the Argentine officials carried out the projects’ stages about  “Theoretical and Practical Training on picking up, embryo transfer and cryopreservation of bovine embryos” and “Theoretical and Practical training on Ovum Pick Up (OPU) technique, and in vitro production technologies of bovine embryos”

This project is aimed at setting up and managing a genetic development center, research and spreading of knowledge in the use of artificial reproduction, embryo transfer, cattle management and good practices. The Cattlemen’s Association of the Sierra and Oriente (AGSO) is also working with this project.

Ecuador faces the challenge of creating new initiatives in matrix production through the incorporation of knowledge, organized actions of economical systems and transforming the productive structures which have the purpose of substituting importations and diversifying its internal production. This project is aimed at the improvement of the agricultural field which facilitates the economical diversification, makes productivity easier and guarantees the national productive sovereignty and internal consuming of Ecuador. Therefore, it would not depend on the import market so much and would enhance the national industry.