Argentina’s international cooperation policy has been constructed on the basis of our belonging to the Latin American region and to the Global South, with the countries of which we share the conviction that cooperation should take place on a horizontal plane. As States working together, we partner to find the most suitable programmes, policies and strategies to address the challenges facing us.

Our country promotes, disseminates and pursues South-South Cooperation (SSC). This model enables the States concerned to form partnerships and exchange public policies, in a climate of solidarity and on a horizontal plane, and to build capacities within states. Our country thus promotes social inclusion, sustainable development, the defence of human rights and equity on a global scale.

The General Directorate for International Cooperation (DGCIN) plays a particularly active part in regional and international platforms, in which it has attempted to place the alternative forms of viewing development at the heart of the debate, making South-South Cooperation a protagonist in the international cooperation system, and endowing it with the best theoretical and methodological tools.

In this regard, the aim is to reinforce regional synergies, working in a coordinated fashion with the various spaces of Latin American integration, such as MERCOSUR, CELAC and UNASUR.

Argentina is active in constructing a new, fairer and more democratic multilateralism, in which developing countries will enjoy greater participation and influence as regards decisions that affect global governance. In this framework, it promotes and works towards a new architecture of international cooperation in which South-South Cooperation will become a pillar, developed countries will comply with their obligations in terms of Official Development Assistance, and the various countries involved will be the architects of their own strategies and development policies.

The Directorate for Multilateral Cooperation is also responsible for promoting cooperation with the multilateral agencies of the United Nations (UN) system, participating in the development of technical cooperation projects and activities with its subsidiary bodies, agencies and organisations.

Likewise, Argentina is working on strengthening the existing forums for inter-regional dialogue on South-South Cooperation. We have therefore set ourselves the task of consolidating our relationship of cooperation with the countries of Asia and Africa, promoting South-South and Triangular Cooperation programmes, exchanging experiences in key areas of development, and seeking to work in a coordinated fashion with regional integration processes, such as ASA, FEALAC and ASPA.